• - Drive output 75 kW - 700 kW  
      (2 drives)
  • - Direct or belt drive
  • - Throughput 50 t/h - 600 t/h
  • - Effective diameter 1000 - 2400 mm
  • - Effective length 500 - 1200 mm
  • - Variable drive speed
  • - Diverse work tools

Large systems and modules in operation

The RoTAC is a high-speed impact mixer, which works according to a new and efficient principle of rotational acceleration.

With the RoTAC it is now possible to break down refuse incineration slag and recover metals from this with a purity of more than 90%.

The structural design and material selection for the high-speed impact chambers of the RoTAC prevent the adhesion of any materials.

The RoTAC can be used to manufacture multiple-component seals for waste dumps, even from the most difficult input stock.