• - Length: 15,100 mm
  • - Width: 3,000 mm
  • - Feeding height: 4,300 mm
  • - Rotor diameter: 1000 mm
  • - Rotor width: 1000 mm
  • - Jaw width: 1000 x 670 mm

  • - Total weight: approx. 52,000 kg

  • - Diesel unit: 250 kVA
  • - Jaw crusher: 75 kW
  • - Impact crusher: 90 kW

  • - Throughput rate:
  •   150 t/h to 250 t/h (depending on feedstock)

The new mobile crusher system.

With the DuETTO generation of crushers, the two crushing systems pre-crusher and after-crusher have been implemented in one housing for the first time. The result is the sum of all benefits from the individual crushing systems jaw crusher (pre-crusher) + impact crusher (after-crusher).

DuETTO is suitable for almost all materials in the recycling and natural stone industry.

The concept:

Caterpillar vessels
High mobility and stability thanks to the extra long caterpillar running gear.

Diesel unit
The DuETTO is diesel-electric powered. The continuous output is 250 kVA

The DuETTO is equipped with a PLC control (SIEMENS S7). This monitors and controls all important functions. The PLC enables the crusher to be programmed specific to requirements. With the result: Maximum output with minimum operating costs.

Radio remote control
The most important functions can be controlled from the feeding device using the radio remote control:
- Start/Stop (Automatic mode)
- Material feed (Start/Stop)
- Driving and steering with the caterpillar running gear

Hydraulic unit
The hydraulic unit (MANNESMANN REXROTH) is modular in design. This makes it especially service friendly

Model representation