• - Length: 14,200 mm
  • - Width: 2,980 mm
  • - Feeding height: 5,400 mm
  • - Rotor diameter: 1,250 mm
  • - Rotor width: 1,350 mm

  • - Total weight: approx. 51,000 kg

  • - Middle part: approx. 32,000 kg
  • - Upper and lower part: approx. 19,000 kg

  • - Feed hopper: approx. 6.5³
  • - Preliminary screening: 2 x 1 m Stage gap    grating

A powerful generation of crushers:

...has been developed to ensure high throughput rates, minimum wear and the processing of difficult reinforced concrete. A short time is needed for the material to remain in the crusher to realize these requirements. A smooth flow of material into and out of the crusher combined with considerable reduction in the friction wear by minimizing the mill crushing are also indispensible.


Two impact mechanisms are freely suspended in the crusher housing. Their form and position are adapted to optimum crushing work (impact crushing). The crushing gap between the impact mechanisms and beater bar is set infinitely via hydraulic cylinders. The impact mechanisms are suspended via helical compression springs. The springs are soft in design to ensure a rapid material throughput. This prevents material congestion before an impact mechanism and minimizes the mill crushing subject to intensive wear. Both impact mechanisms can move back extremely wide thanks to the spring offset, so that even the largest foreign substances (wooden timbers, steel girders, etc.) can pass through quickly. Opening widths of over 400 mm between the rotor and impact mechanism are possible here.


The inlet area of an impact mechanism most at risk from material blockages nevertheless has a large opening of 1400 mm width and 800 mm depth in the CoBRA. If any blockages occur, the loading depth can be increased by 200 mm to 1000 mm at the press of a button. A hydraulic flap system is activated during operation for this.


The outlet area of the impact mechanism also at risk from blockage is relieved by an active extraction device in the CoBRA. Vibrating conveyor chutes and belt conveyors do not provide any safe material discharge. The CoBRA has a scraper chain conveyor specially developed for recycling use to transport away the crushed material. Even the largest iron clumps and cohesive soils do not pose any difficulties

Blockages at the outlet are almost eliminated.